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Oct 4, 2023

[Halifax, Nova Scotia] Association of Industry Sector Councils (AISC) is proud to present the Workforce Insights Survey results, in an easy to view Dashboard format. The objective of the Labour Market Information Dashboard is to better understand the challenges employers in Nova Scotia are facing by gathering and analyzing data to provide the information necessary to execute more effective workforce planning.

“AISC is excited to release its Inaugural Workforce Insights Dashboard,” says Trent Soholt, Chair of the Board at AISC. “The data in the Dashboard represents what is transpiring in Nova Scotia right now with employers and their personnel. Our sector council members worked very closely with their industries to obtain this timely and relevant data and we thank businesses across the province for sharing their insights with their industry-specific sector council. I encourage all employers to view the Dashboard, and glean from it aggregate metrics that may help in guiding strategic HR decisions for the growth or stabilization of their company.”

The LMI Dashboard aims to: 

  • Aid employers/survey respondents in identifying where they fall within their sector (below/above mean) and if their challenges and/or success are similar to the rest of their sector
  • To assist employers/respondents to do competitive analysis
  • Allow Sector Councils to identify areas that need improvement and/or areas where their sector is excelling (in turn, this will inform policy and work plans/service offerings)

“This made-in-Nova Scotia Dashboard will provide business owners and HR managers with detailed data on the current circumstance of Nova Scotia’s labour force in 14 industry sector councils, all members of AISC,” says AISC General Manager, Cassandra Baccardax. “Data includes details about company size by employee count, seasonality, labour vacancies and complement challenges, recruiting and retention practices, and outlook topics, among others. The Dashboard is fascinating, and may serve to provide data-driven confirmation for an employer’s instincts, or may reveal some unknown or misunderstood conditions in today’s rapidly-changing labour environment.”

To learn more about the Workforce Insights Survey and to view the Dashboard, visit   

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The Association of Industry Sector Councils (AISC) represents the interests of 32,000 small and medium-sized businesses and 370,000 workers and their families, all over the province of Nova Scotia. Collectively, with their employers and training partners, they attract, retain and train talent to build a robust Nova Scotia. Their various member sectors share ideas, success stories, resources, and expertise to create more jobs.  
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